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Devona Byrge - Owner/Sole Proprietor of Feline's Friend Pet Sitting

My husband, Scott, and I moved from Tennessee to Roswell Georgia twenty years ago with five cats--that was just the beginning of our growing pet family.  We both had grown up with dogs as part of our families but neither of us ever had the chance to know cats.  Then it happened...it all began at a Farmer's Market one Saturday when we happened upon tiny black kittens in a bird cage, as we watched the door close on one of their tails, she meowed loudly and we knew it happened for a reason.  She (Spaz) ruled the house for 18 wonderful years, we miss her every day.  And because of her we have rescued many cats and dogs, volunteered and fostered dogs and cats for more than one organization, and just feel fortunate to have been at the right place at the right time one spring morning in East Tennessee.  Over the last twenty years we have loved so many and learned so much, we are grateful each day to have had them in our lives.

We now live in North West Hall County with Lizzy, a sweet German Shorthaired Pointer and three rescued kitties...Grady, our senior and too sweet Tuxedo kitty; Ada, our feral turned extremely mellow gray kitty; and lastly Zac, our youngest rescue who is a beautiful and funny boy.  My background is IT but when the massive lay-offs hit in 2001 I decided to do something fun--Pet Sitting!  I've professionally pet sit for several years (taking a break along the way), completed industry certification classes, and attended pet sitter conventions. 

Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to meeting you and your special family members!  Below are pictures of our family members, past and present.


  MyBaby Spaz Tac&Toe

     Girls        Emmy    Grady&Sandy       

 Tac       Grady       Tic   Jake

BB  Ada  CB Rodney